One of the most historically rich cities in the United States, take your group on the adventure of time travel! Walk through time in Boston’s impressive period-specific museums, or perhaps dazzle them with art from across the centuries. Your students will be transported by the hands-on view of America and its origins.

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Throw Tea into the Sea!
Boston Tea Party Reenactment
Boston Tea Party Museum

Boston Tea Party Museum and Ships

At the Boston Tea Party Museum and Ships, you can be a part of the famous event which forever changed the course of American History! Live actors, high-tech interactive exhibits, and authentically restored tea ships recreate the sights and sounds of December 16, 1773.

Aquatic Mammal Center
Sea Turtle Tank
Students Interacting with Seals

New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium is home to 20,000 animals and 600 different species. The centerpiece of the aquarium is the 200,000-gallon Giant Ocean Tank which simulates a Caribbean coral reef. The aquarium also includes whale watching.

via Freedom Trail Foundation
Students enjoying their tour via Freedom Trail Foundation
via Freedom Trail Foundation

Freedom Walking Trail

Retrace the rich history of the American Revolution along this 2.5-mile route. The trail links 16 historically significant sites, including: Boston Commons, the Massachusetts State House, Faneuil Hall, and the USS Constitution.

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group features three enigmatic, bald, and blue characters who take the audience through a multi-sensory experience combining theatre, percussive music, art, science, and vaudeville.

Faneuil Hall

Built in 1742, Boston’s Faneuil Hall has served as a marketplace and meeting hall since its construction. The entire marketplace complex also includes the North Market, South Market, and Quincy Market. A meal voucher is available as well as several sit-down dining options.

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