You wouldn’t select a concert program without considering the unique instrumentation of your group. So why choose your travel that way?

Our travel consultants are always on call to help you customize a trip for your unique group. We’ll help you build a package from scratch, by helping you determine which aspects of the trip are most important.

Whether you're looking for a performance event, festival, educational experience or just a fun trip, we're here to help.

Planning & Proposal

  • Discuss program goals and planning process with a Director’s Choice Travel Consultant
  • Request a proposal from one of our highly experienced travel consultants
  • Receive a customized proposal
  • Review your proposal online with a personalized, secure login at mydirectorschoice.com
  • Convey any changes or concerns with your Travel Consultant

Registration & Deposit

  • Acquire the necessary approvals from Administration, Boosters, etc.
  • Announce the exciting news to your students and parents
  • Send your Travel Consultant the Registration Agreement
  • Submit your deposit/registration fee to Director’s Choice

Booking & Bon Voyage

  • Allow Director’s Choice to book and manage all travel arrangements and performance details
  • Watch for updates and communications from your Travel Consultant
  • Receive final follow up from your Travel Consultant prior to travel
  • Rest in knowing that Director’s Choice is on hand 24/7 during your travel for needs or questions
  • Enjoy your travel and performance with your students

We’ll Handle Everything

Tour Director

Complex travel itineraries often call for an expert to help you and your group navigate the city. Our pool of professional tour directors can help your group with airline check- in and boarding as well as manage your tickets and schedule by staying a step ahead of the group.


Our buying power allows us to negotiate the very best deal on hotel rooms in destinations across the globe. Rest assured, all hotels we use are safe and student friendly.


We are diligent to give realistic and accurate quotes for motorcoach and air transportation, never underestimating and overcharging.