Questions & Answers

Are checked baggage fees included in my trip package cost? How do we pay for baggage fees?

Because of ever-changing policies of different airlines, checked baggage fees are not included in our package options. There are a couple of ways to handle paying for your group’s baggage fees upon arrival at the airport: 1) Each individual participant can be responsible for paying his or her fees, or 2) A tally of bags will be taken at the check-in counter and paid for in one lump sum by the organization.

Please note that baggage fees vary between the different airlines. Oversize and overweight luggage will be an additional charge. Credit or debit cards are encouraged. Checks are NOT accepted. The airlines have the ability to change their checked baggage fees and policies at any given time.

How do you handle payments?

Before you register for a trip, your consultant will inform you of the specific trip payment deadlines. These deadlines will be included in your Registration Contract. We try to break up your total cost into multiple, equal increments, so that you may have 3-5 payments total. We accept payments in the form of checks, cashier’s checks, and credit cards.

How does it work when booking air transportation?

Airlines give us a deadline in which to contract and deposit on seats. A $100 non-refundable deposit per seat is required to hold air seats once we receive a price from the airline. The deadline date will be shown in your Package Options and relayed by your travel consultant. If the timeline passes, we lose the seats and will have to begin the process again. Depending upon availability, the same flight(s) and price may not be applicable.

I’m ready to go. How do I officially register for a trip?

Once you and your consultant have settled on the options and details included in your trip package, he or she will send you the necessary paperwork. You become officially registered for a trip once you sign and submit a contract back to us at our office, either via fax or email. The registration becomes fully complete upon payment of the required registration fee and/or deposit for the trip package.

Is every trip package all-inclusive?

Your trip package can be as inclusive or exclusive as you choose. The great thing about fully customizing your trip is that you can decide how much or how little you would like us to arrange for you. Your trip can be all-inclusive, where we coordinate all lodging, transportation, performance, meals, etc., or you can choose to have Director’s Choice book only certain items while you can take care of other aspects using additional resources.

My participant numbers have changed. What happens now?

First, all changes made to your trip once you are registered must be submitted in writing to your travel consultant, so send him or her an email with your new participant numbers. Your cost per person and amount of complimentary packages may or may not change, depending upon the specific items you have included in your trip package. Please contact your travel consultant to see how your changes may affect these aspects of your trip.

What Information do I need to include in my Flight Manifest? What happens if that information changes?

The flight manifest will consist of each participant’s full name (first, middle, last), matching the government issued photo ID that will be used at the airport, his or her date of birth, and gender. The initial manifest is due to your travel consultant a minimum of 90 days prior to departure. The final (proofed and approved) flight manifest is due to the airlines a minimum of 60 days prior to the date of departure.

Changes may be made after submitting the final manifest to the airline. However, there is a charge for each change made. This amount is subject to the airlines requirements. Refer to your consultant for the specific charge amount that may apply to your trip. We may or may not be able to add flight seats after the initial booking, depending upon availability and cost.

What types of festival and performance options do you offer?

Since Director’s Choice™ is a travel company, we are not tied to any specific festival; therefore, we are able to enter your performing ensemble(s) into any festival or performance that interests you. We can coordinate practically anything that you envision. Whether you want to perform in an adjudicated festival, professional hall, parade, or public area, Director’s Choice™ can help. Through our numerous industry contacts, we can find the right performance to fit the specific needs and goals of your program.

When can I expect to receive more details about my trip?

Approximately 2 months prior to the departure date of your trip, your Group Leader Guide (GLG) will be shipped to the physical address specified on your registration paperwork, unless otherwise noted. The GLG includes itineraries, maps and directions, performance information, contact information for all contracted items, and forms that need to be filled out and returned to Director’s Choice Tour and Travel™ including: flight manifest, hotel rooming list, scholarship applications, etc.

When is my rooming list due?

The rooming list is due a minimum of 45 days prior to your trip departure date. This list must include not only the first and last name of each participant, but also the configuration of how the individuals will be placed within the hotel rooms.

When is the final deadline to make any changes to my trip?

All dates are dependent upon when your trip is occurring, and what’s included. The specific deadline and penalty dates for changes to your specific trip are listed on your Registration Contract. Any changes requested must be done so in writing, so please contact your consultant via email or fax to request the change, or feel free to call him or her if you have any questions.

When is the final trip payment due?

For most trip packages, the final payment is due either 30 or 60 days prior to departure date of the trip, depending on what is included in the package. In order to obtain the official, final due date for your trip specifically, please refer to your contract or travel consultant.

When is the last date to register for a trip?

There is no official deadline with a last day to register for a trip. However, the possibility to register for a trip may be limited due to option availability, related to the booking time frame. As long as options are available, we may register a trip, but if certain items become unavailable then we may no longer be able to provide a certain service at a given time.

Where are your offices located?

Director’s Choice Tour and Travel™ has one main office, which is located in Lubbock, TX. Our address is 10701 Upland Avenue Lubbock, TX 79424.