History of DCTT

Several music educators created Director’s Choice™ in 1996 to provide performance and travel opportunities with the student/ director’s educational requirements as a priority. With an unexpected amount of direct input from well-respected band, choir and orchestra directors across the southwest United States, DC Festivals began hosting contests and assisting with travel needs, totally from the director’s perspective, in Dallas and San Antonio in the spring of 1997.

During the next ten years, Director’s Choice™ worked with thousands of music programs traveling across the continental United States, Hawaii and Europe. DC Festivals (proprietary concert events) offered performance opportunities in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, South Padre Island, New Orleans, Branson, Durango, Beaver Creek, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu and Orlando. Although participants primarily came from the Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana – DC Festivals assisted music ensembles from all 50 states. Director’s Choice had become a full service tour operator while producing numerous proprietary concert events.

In 2005 (after being known as Director’s Choice™, DC Festivals and Advantage Tours), Director’s Choice Tour & Travel™ (DCTT) became the official name of the company. DCTT became the premier tour and travel partner for music programs in the Southwest United States by providing an ‘Apples to Apples’ price guarantee for music groups traveling anywhere on the globe. DCTT customer service and quality became the new paradigm for travel companies everywhere.

A license was created for Choice Music Events™ (CME) in 2006 for the production of the Showcase of Music™ events. This license was awarded to the newly formed Foundation for Music Education (TFME) and would allow for any profits generated by this educational endeavor to benefit current and future music educators. In late 2010, after four years of operating as an independent organization, the license for the Showcase of Music events and the other performance experiences under operation by CME returned to Director’s Choice™.

Director’s Choice Tour & Travel™ is honored to work with demanding band, choir and orchestra programs from across the United States with their performance and travel needs. Music educators consistently benefit from a wide variety of proprietary and cooperative events offered each year combined with exciting and valuable trip features. Music programs enjoy the liability protection of a large operator while still receiving customized individual attention.

Spring travel can be both a gratifying and exciting part of a music educator’s job. In addition to the education rewards of group travel, there is no substitute for the recruiting and retention result of a trip. That is why the founding principle of Director’s Choice Tour & Travel™ remains as true today as it was in the beginning. We are successful music educators assisting music educators to educate!